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PBN Hosting

Choosing the best PBN hosting from the beginning will be incredibly important, and therefore we have put together a best in testing of PBN hosting services. Below you will see which ones we would recommend everyone to use if building PBN sites.

PBN Hosting

Easy Blog Networks – This is the largest player in the market of PBN-Hosting services, and is by far the most used service when it comes to PBN construction. They are easiest to use, cheapest per PBN, and by far the safest. We have used them for any number of years, with only a few PBN sites shut down by several thousand built on this hosting.

  • Cheapest – From $ 1.70 per blog
  • 1 click WordPress installation
  • Unique IP addresses
  • Pre-installed with theme & plugins
  • Free re-creation of old pages
  • Low deindexation rates
  • Secure sites that do not get hacked
  • Most used PBN hosting in the world!

PBN.Hosting – This is also one of the biggest services when it comes to PBN web hosting. We have used their hosting on a few occasions for customers, and we think it has worked well. Good prices and easy hosting to use, gives them a second place in our best in the test of PBN hosting players. Only Easy Blog Network beats them, we think as they are a bit sharper in most things.

  • Cheap – From $ 1.79 per blog
  • 1 click WordPress installation
  • Different IP addresses
  • Pre-installed with themes & plugins
  • Free wayback machine re-creation
  • No footprints from the hosting
  • No downtime
  • Free trial in 7 days!

What is a PBN Hosting?

A PBN Hosting is a web host that is specially developed for those who want to build a PBN network, but it can be said that it is in many ways similar to a normal web host. The big difference is that you get a much cheaper price per blog than if you were to buy a regular web host. It can offer them because it is not intended that you should build large sites on these sites, which means that they also do not need to give you any huge resources in either server power or hard drive space.

Unique IP addresses on a PBH hosting

Perhaps the biggest reason why you get a PBN hosting instead of throwing up all the sites on a regular web host, is that you will get unique IP addresses for each site. This is something you must have, and you usually do not get it on other web hosts. There, maybe 1000 different sites share the same IP address, and above all, all your PBN pages will share the same IP. Of course, you do not want that, because it increases the risk of being discovered very much.

And you can say that it is the first cornerstone and perhaps the most important when building PBN networks, to leave as few tracks as possible. Running different IP addresses on all your PBN sites is therefore also a must. Ordinary web hosts can offer you to get unique IP addresses also sometimes, but then they usually charge about SEK 100 extra per IP address- And you can rarely buy especially many for that matter either. If you are going to buy many domains and build a large PBN, then you will have to buy a dedicated PBN hosting.

What does a PBN hosting cost

The price of a PBN hosting varies greatly, and it depends entirely on the size of your network you intend to build. But simply put, you can say that it gets cheaper per site the bigger you make your PBN, which is a big advantage if you are going to build large networks. But do you take a service like that Easy Blog Networks so their smallest package has room for 10 PBN sites, and costs you $ 35. There will thus be a price per site of 3.5 USD for each PBN page. If you then buy space for 300 PBN sites, you will only pay 1.73 USD per site, so you are down to half the price per site.

Of course, this costs a lot if you are going to build a large PBN network of several hundred sites, but it is relatively incredibly cheap compared to buy links or to rent them. If you go through an SEO agency, they will charge about 10 times as much for the same links, as if you were sitting on them yourself. So in the long run, you will save a huge amount of money on building your own PBN. And if you are a little cunning, you can link to many of your own sites, but also take and sell links via a site such as Fiverr. There are plenty of customers who pay well for proper links.

Does a PBN web host leave traces?

Leaving traces behind is another great advantage of getting a real PBN hosting, because that is exactly what the dedicated PBN hosting companies make sure to hide. With a regular web host, there will be a lot of clues that Google can see about who owns the site, which is clearly to your disadvantage. With a PBN hosting, they will provide minimal information about you who owns the PBN sites, and who is the owner of the hosting itself. We would never try to build a PBN network through regular web hosts as they leave too much information about you, and it will be extremely expensive even if you have many sites.

Try the pbn hosting for free first

Something that is very good is that you can test a PBN hosting for 7 days for free, which no other web host can offer you. This is of course because they are well aware that whoever buys a PBN hosting and puts in the work, will be a long-term customer. And these sites are very small in comparison, so it does not require much data power from their servers. But of course we think you should take advantage of the 7 days you get for free, and test around a bit on their hosting. When the 7 free days are over, you can then choose which plan (size) of PBN you want to buy.

Easy installation on each site

Also this with the fact that PBN hosting has extremely simple installation WordPress is a big factor in the end, because you will notice that time is money. Sitting on a regular web host and filling in lots of different information on each PBN site, will take any length of time. In addition to this, you will need to create lots of different email addresses, and lots of different passwords to log in. Via a real PBN hosting, everything is installed for you automatically, and you will not have to remember all the solutions for each PBN page. You will always access all the pages via your login to your PBN hosting.

We have managed to install and start up 200 sites in one day via Easy Blog Networks, which on a regular web host would probably have taken you probably a week. All this happens as soon as you enter the domain on the hosting, and they automatically enter different names on each site, so it further hides clues that it is one and the same person who is behind all the sites.

How many sites can I have on e PBN hosting?

The number of sites on a PBN hosting is unlimited, you could say, but you may need to contact the hosting service first if you want to buy the slightly larger package. But we ourselves have built several PBN networks with up to 1000 sites on a single PBN hosting. So there are really no limits to how large a network you can make. But a tip we would give you is that you can always open 2 different smaller networks instead of a huge one. And then we think the obvious choice is Easy Blog Networks and which are the two largest players in the market.

Is my PBN network secure on such hosting?

We would say that these PBN hosting services are perhaps the most secure, because they do not cooperate with Google in any way. Many of the other large web hosting services have a very strong collaboration with Google, and this can of course be very problematic for you who build PBN networks. It is simply not impossible that at some point in the future there will be pressure from Google on web hosting, and you could lose a huge amount of money and time. If we look at the pure safety aspect, we would at least not worry at all. We have had our PBN networks on these services for many years, and in any case we have never had any problems with them.

How do I pay for the hosting?

With most hosting services, you can pay in many different ways, but there are options such as PayPal, Credit cards and a few more on, among other things Easy Blog Networks. We have connected our cards so that payments are automatically deducted all the time, so that you do not risk having your sites shut down, and thus also lose a lot of rankings. So it’s a good tip for everyone, that you should always allow them to withdraw automatically from your card or from your PayPal account.

Should I buy the hosting domains there?

In your PBN hosting account, you only store your sites, and therefore do not buy your domains on. You buy the domains themselves at other web hosts, and it usually does not cost anything to just store domains with them. Once you have purchased the domains that you will use in your PBN network, you will change the DNS address of each individual domain. When this is done, your site will be up and running in just a few hours.

What is the best PBN hosting?

We have been building PBN sites for very many years now, and tested very many different hosting services. Among other things, we have tried to build on completely ordinary hosting services, and it has worked, but it is very expensive, and above all very inflexible. We you get the best PBN hosting so we would have invested in Easy Blog Networs or These two hosting services are the ones that everyone who builds PBN networks uses, and they are the ones who know their stuff. You will both save a lot of money by choosing one of them, and save yourself an incredible amount of time thanks to the fact that they are so easy to work with on many sites.

Should you compare PBN hosting first?

We think it can be good to compare PBN hosting before going all in, and then you can take and invest heavily in the one you like best. We have certainly already compared it for you, but of course you should also test it yourself. Then you know what are the pros and cons between the various PBN hosting services.