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If you want to buy PBN links instead of building your very own PBN network, we have good tips on where you can buy the best links, at the best price.

PBN Link

Should you really buy SEO links?

Buying SEO links has a very negative reputation, and we agree that it is not completely risk free. But we may also think that today there is a very excessive fear of buying links. Today, you can actually buy good links online without taking too much, or any risks at all.

Our recommendation is of course that you read reviews from previous buyers of links, and in this way find out if it is good links to buy.


We are often asked by our customers where to buy links, and we always recommend buying from Fiverr. What is incredibly good about buying from Fiverr, is that there are so many resellers of links. You also have plenty of buyers who have put reviews on the sellers, and their links. This allows you to buy links without taking big risks by getting crappy links to your website. But be sure to read the reviews before buying the PNB links.

  • Cheap – Many resellers who want to sell links, which reduces the price!
  • Safe – Fiverr kicks out those who do not drive with clean flour in the bag.

What are PBN links?

PBN länkar är precis som det låter, alltså länkar som kommer ifrån PBN sites. It is actually no stranger than that, and this type of link makes up a very large proportion of all SEO links that you buy and sell. After all, there are those who do not have the strength to start their own PBN Hosting, and would rather just buy one or more links to their website. Then it can be an easy way to buy PBN links from someone who sells links. There are quite a few who do it today, and you could say that it is the buyers’ market. Most people who sell their PBN links just want to make money so they can have their own PBN network for free, but there are also those who have this as their entire business plan.

I have heard that it is forbidden to buy links?

No, that’s not true, it’s perfectly legal to buy links. There is no law anywhere that says you should not buy PBN links to your website. However, you are violating Google’s policy on how to search engine optimize. They do not like that you buy links to rank. So the worst thing that can happen to you if you were discovered by Google to have bought links, is that they off index your page. But in almost all cases, they simply do not take and count on links that they suspect have been bought, and you have wasted money on something that simply does not benefit you.

But if you are only smart when you buy your links, and do not buy too many at once, there is no danger. You should buy links a little now and then, and the more you have, the more you can also buy at a later stage. So it’s just a matter of using common sense, and you’ll make it to 99%. Simply make sure not to do things that catch your eye, because then the risk is much greater that you go there than if you make it all look natural.

Why buy links?

There are very many reasons why you buy links, but the main one is of course that you want to get a website to rank. By purchasing PBN links, you increase the strength of your “money site”, and it will climb in Google’s search results. This allows you to make more money, or save money by not advertising Google Adwords.

So either you buy links that you send directly to your website, or you buy links that you instead send on your PBN sites. In that sense, it is possible to say that you get a bit of a buffer between your purchased links, and your website.

Should Google then find out that you bought a lot of links, then they will probably only penalize your PBN site, and not your real website. This means that you thus remove a lot of risk from this by buying SEO links, and can build a strong link profile towards your website relatively risk-free. But the third option why you buy links is also one that we do not like, but some do. And that’s to ruin others’ rankings on Google by buying junk links to their competitors. This is called Black Hat SEO, and still occurs today, although it is not as common today as it was a few years ago.

Google eventually realized that it was too easy for others to ruin for their competitors by buying crappy links to them, and getting them penalized by Google. So today, they do not give nearly as much penalties to those who have bad and bought links to their site, and that for the simple reason that Google does not know if it is you or your competitor who has bought them.

What does it cost to buy SEO links?

Unfortunately, there are no straight answers here on how much it costs to buy SEO links, because there are so many different factors that it depends on. But you can buy anything from several hundred links for 5 USD on Fiverr, to 1 link for many thousands of dollars. It’s all about what kind of link you are going to buy, and who is selling it. If you go through an SEO agency, you can at least count on them making a surcharge of 5 times what it actually costs. But it is common for them to charge as much as 10 to 30 times the price of what that link actually costs.

So the only thing you can actually be sure of if you want to buy PBN links, is that you will get them MUCH cheaper if you buy them directly from the PBN owner himself. Then you avoid middlemen who are just looking to suck you out of money, and get significantly more linking power to your site for the money. But just be sure to read a little about each seller who sells links, because there you get a good hum from others who have previously bought from the same person if it is good or bad links. Once you’ve done that, just honk and drive.

Where can I find the cheapest PBN links?

The place where most people buy cheap PBN links from is Fiverr, and it is probably also those who have by far the cheapest PBN links for sale. It is a website for freelancers who want to make money, and there are also very many of them. They are fighting with like-minded people from all over the world to sell their links to you, so it means that prices have only gone down more and more.

Buying links to an online store?

It is not a problem at all to buy links to an online shop, but rather perhaps the best you can buy links to. With an online shop, you always have the advantage that you have many different pages and products you can send links to, which gives a very nice spread of link power. Just be sure to do a lot of so-called internal linking between different parts of the website. In this way, you spread around your link power to many different areas, and you will start to rank on very small and good.

Should you buy PBN links from the same country?

It is not a must to buy links from the same country, but it looks more natural and usually gives a little better results. But we would say that the main reason why you should buy PBN links from the same country as your own, is that it makes it harder for someone to suspect that you have bought your links. It simply seems to be more genuine, and less bought so to speak.

SEO links from similar sites like your own?

Yes it is an advantage if the links pointing to your website come from similar websites, and you should always in the first place if you can buy SEO links from pages with equivalent content. Also in this respect, it simply looks more authentic with that type of links, and means that you take significantly less risk of being discovered that you have bought PBN links to your website.