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We show you what PBN sites are for, how you can take advantage of them, but above all also how you can build your own PBN network quickly & cheaply!


Choose the right PBN server from the start!


Which PBN server you choose to host your PBN sites on will be incredibly important, and will also save you both time and money. Of course, you can always change web hosts for your PBN pages later on, but it’s not fun to do it if it’s several hundred pieces.

We have tested all the great PBN web hosts out there, and have put together a whole list of the best options for you who want to build your own PBN network.

For you who want to buy PBN links!

If you want to buy PBN links instead of building your own PBN sites, we have put together a guide with the most important things to keep in mind before you buy SEO links.

Where can you buy these links?

We have listed the best websites that offer you to buy link power from their own PBN network.

Which PBN networks do you want to buy a link from?

Not all links are good links, and therefore we have put together a guide with what to look for before you buy links from a PBN network.

How much do links from PBN sites cost?

We help you evaluate what is reasonable and not reasonable to pay for links from various PBN sites.


PBN stands for “Private Blog Network” and is just as it sounds, a network of blogs. These networks can be anything from 10 sites, to those that build their own networks on many thousands of sites. The only thing that really defines sites in a PBN network from other types of sites, is that they are owned by one and the same person all the pages. The actual pages of this network are therefore also called PBN sites, or satellite sites as many also call them.

Why get a PBN?

The simple reason why you get a PBN is because you want to rank your websites, or possibly other people’s websites. Namely, you can also get a PBN network only to sell on-link power to those who do not have the strength to make PBN sites themselves. But the most common thing is that you want to add extra link power to a website that you make money on. That site can be anything from a service, online store or an Affiliate site.

Many of those who build a PBN do so because they themselves want control over which links point to their website, and do not leave it to an SEO agency. Of course, you can also always hope to get organic links to your website as well, but you may have to wait a long time then. By creating lots of your own sites that you then link to your real site, you can quickly and easily build a good linking power that points to your website.

Those who choose to build PBN just to resell links from their sites, are usually SEO agencies and SEO experts. And it is possible to make big money by reselling link power, but then it will also be required that you find customers who want to buy from you. And there are quite a few sellers of links, so you will have quite a few different competitors who are also trying to sell their links.

Is it difficult to build your own PBN network?

Building your own PBN network is actually not difficult at all anymore, and it’s just getting easier and easier. In the past, it was above all more expensive to do so, because then you had to buy a lot of different web hosts on which you put your PBN sites. Today’s PBN hosting is significantly better, and they are specially created for this purpose, which ordinary web hosts are not made for. Even if you can build a VPN on any web host, it does not mean that you should do it. Many of them do not have important features that we would say are almost a must if it is to make any sense.

Above all, you notice quite quickly that time is money when you work with PBN sites, and if you have several hundred or thousands of pages, every second per page that you can save will be very important. And then ordinary web hosting simply does not work, which is intended because you may at most have a couple of websites on. Via a PBN web hotel, you can quickly set up a WordPress website, without having to install and set up a lot of settings. The website is installed by itself, so you can then just log in to it and start writing articles immediately.

And it is actually not much more difficult than that to build your very own PBN network. Of course, you need to get hold of domains that you will use in your network, which we have also written about a little further down in this article. But as soon as you get hold of the domains, and link them to your PBN account, you are ready to start writing articles that you link from. And it’s actually not that difficult. It will take time to write as many articles as you usually need, but once that is done you have full control of your links to the website.

How many PBN sites do you need to have?

This with how many PBN sites you need to have, is almost impossible to say. In some cases, we would say that no number will suffice, as these are extremely difficult keywords. If we talk about words such as Casino, Insurance, Loans and some other keywords, they can hardly be ranked anymore. But it is also about in which country you are trying to rank your website. Of course, it’s much harder to rank for a keyword in the U.S.A. than it is in a country like Poland. So the number of PBN sites you need is determined entirely on which country you operate in, and which keyword you are trying to rank on.

But most of the time you need to get more over time as well, as it usually ends up that one or more of your competitors will also get more links to their website if they notice that you have passed them. With that said, I want you to understand that this with the number of sites is not a static number that lasts forever, so to speak. You may simply need to expand your network later in the year.

But we usually say that about 30 PBN pages that are very well made actually give quite good print, and are quite often enough for a lot of local keywords in any case. But if you want to go in and fight for keywords on a national level, we would say that most keywords if we talk online shopping usually require about 100 PBN pages. But just like we wrote before, you can start with 30 pages, and see what happens. If it is not enough all the way, you get more until you simply lie down first. The nice thing about this is also that it gets cheaper per site the more you have.

What does it cost to build a network?

Building your own PBN is certainly not completely free, as you can understand, but it is much cheaper than hiring a web agency. You get pretty far on a PBN that costs you